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The holy grail. This one of one, ultra-rare, NFT brings together the designs of the entire collection, summarizes Lowry’s historic career, and was inspired by the iconic bling of the championship ring. 

  • The 15 small stars at the top represent his 15 seasons in the league
  • The 6 larger stars represent his all-star game selections
  • The left side represents the USA, his Olympic gold medal, and the skyline of his hometown, Philadelphia
  • The right side represents Canada, his championship, and the Toronto skyline



  • Ultra Rare: 1 of 1 
  • This is an ultra rare edition 1 of 1 available during the drop that will be auctioned during a 24 hr period 
  • Auction will start on June 29, 2021 at 6:30pm EST and end June 30, 2021 at 6:30pm EST 
  • Each artwork edition is an authentic digital creation by Kyle Lowry
  • Designed by Toronto Artist, Corbin Portillo
  • MakersPlace verifies the uniqueness and authenticity of every digital creation on the Ethereum blockchain
  • The highest bidder at auction close will receive a game-worn autographed Kyle Lowry shoe displayed in a video case plus a 15 minutes virtual meet and greet with Kyle Lowry